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Municipal Fees

Govpay Network provides payment solutions for towns, cities and municipalities (more…)

Court & Traffic Fines

Our electronic payment system, Courtpay®, allows individuals to make payments on (more…)

Utility Payments

Our electronic payment system, Utilitypay®, allows your customers to pay re-connect fees, (more…)


Govpay Network provides payment solutions for town, city, county and state tax  (more…)


Whether paying for tuition at a private school or school lunches at public school, (more…)

Why Govpay Network?

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1.No Fees?
Increase revenue and collections all the while not incurring any processing fees!
2.Simple Solutions
Say goodbye to bulky terminals and complicated merchant statements. Say hello to the user friendly payment solutions of Govpay Network.
Software design and data management that allows for flexibility without sacrificing on security.
4.Daily Deposits
Thats right! Why wait for deposits once a week. With Govpay Network you will receive daily deposits and real time transaction reports. Why wait any longer? Call us today.

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Who We Are

Govpay Network is aware of the different challenges faced by government employees. Using our own experience as former civil servants, coupled with serving this industry for the last seven years, we have devised a technologically advanced payment processing system designed specifically to your needs, and which helps you to proceed with your payment processing in a convenient, secure and cost free manner. By doing this we can lessen the payment processing burden on your clerk thus allowing for better collections and more productivity from your staff.

The electronic payment industry is filled with hidden threats. At Govpay Network we ensure maximum security in payment solutions for government entities that give their customers’ comfort and privacy top priority. Our value based and efficient payment solutions are an amalgamation of cutting edge technology and unique scoring analytics that focus on the ever changing needs of citizens dependent on electronic payment methods in the risk sector.

Our Philosophy

At Govpay Network, we are committed to evaluating the needs of each government entity individually and to designing them a customized electronic processing solution. We are committed to increasing payment compliance, while decreasing foot traffic at your payment locations. We will provide you the ability to collect payments by credit/debit card, without merchant liability or ever paying processing fees again. Most importantly, we are committed to you.

Our Team

From the very top of our organization, combines expertise in payment processing solutions, software ingenuity and an understanding of the specific needs of the governmental employee. Four out of our five managing members have worked in government entities at one level or another. We believe that this experience allows us to have a thorough understanding of the needs of the clerk, which is why we were able to build our system as ‘clerk friendly’ as possible. Our team uses their firsthand knowledge of what the clerks need and combine it with our years of experience to create easy payment processing solutions. This combination has allowed us to produce the best payment processing software for government entities (courts, police departments, utilities, etc.) possible.

How We Help You

Using our proprietary software, your customers are no longer limited to cash payments made in person at your office or a mailed personal check they’re really hoping gets there. The ability to accept credit/debit cards and eChecks not only adds convenience, it adds payment compliance. Here are some more ways Govpay Network is there to help meet your payment processing needs:

  • Be it online, phone, kiosk or mobile payments, we have solutions to meet your needs.
  • Pay anytime, from anywhere. Our 24/7 payment acceptance service is always there for you.
  • Allowing your customers the ability to pay their obligations from home/office will result in:
    • Less foot traffic at your payment locations
    • Improved payment compliance
    • Increased collections
    • More time for the clerk to devote to other duties
  • Reduced customer-service calls related to payments.
  • Increased payment flexibility for customers.
  • Simplified payment reconciliation.
  • Savings on current processing fees because our system is 100% free to your government entity.

How to Reach Us

You can send us an email to or just fill out our contact form, for more information on how Govpay Network can help you start saving money with easy payment solutions.


“Our Utility Pay system is very user friendly and was easy to set up. Our daily and monthly statements are easily accessible and easy to read. We have experienced VERY LITTLE issue with our system since our install and each of those have been corrected in a very timely manner.”

Westville Utility

“We like the system a lot. It works very well.”

Caddo Valley City Court

“We love it! Customers have more options and pay on-time more……”

Pawnee Co. Rural Water District

“We’re just tickled with it. It works great. Every month people are using it more and more.”

Rural Water District #14 of Le Flore County


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