Utility Payments

Our electronic payment system, Utilitypay®, allows your customers to pay re-connect fees, deposits and their utility bill quickly and conveniently. Between having to make the call on shutting down a customer’s utility service (power, gas, water and sewer, etc.) for late or delinquent payment and long lines at payment locations, far too much of a utility clerk’s time is devoted to collections. Our payment solution was built precisely to solve this problem.

Utilitypay® allows customers, from the convenience of their home, office, smart phone or any WiFi accessible location, to make payments online and on-time! The system also provides real-time transaction reporting designed to simplify payment reconciliation, real-time email notifications when payments are processed, and daily deposits. In other words, our system was built with the clerk’s needs in mind.

Our payment processing services will help your entity reduce outstanding collections, late payments, service disconnections and re-connections. With payment compliance increasing by as much as 19% in the first month of use by some of our biggest clients, it is easy to see the effect of providing payment convenience through our system. Moreover, your entity will collect 100% of the billed amount and pay none of the merchant processing fees. This cost reduction, or better said cost elimination, will have a direct impact on tight operating budgets for any entity.

We protect all transaction data received by fulfilling the requirements for software design and security management. This includes built in PCI Tier One Compliance and End-to-End Encryption of all payment data.

Also included:

  • Network Architecture
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Security Management
  • Software Design
  • and other critical protective measures

This comprehensive standard can help your organization proactively protect customer account data.